New opportunities for entrepreneurs

Privileges and preferences provided to participants of foreign economic activity of Uzbekistan, first of all, serve the interests of entrepreneurs.


From July 1, 2018, another convenience is being introduced for entrepreneurs.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for radical improvement of activity of the state customs service bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan” of April 12, 2018, henceforth, entrepreneurs got an opportunity to fill in cargo customs declaration independently through the Internet, without leaving their offices and submit it to customs authorities.


Heretofore, entrepreneurs importing or exporting goods had to spend extra time to fill in cargo customs declaration and submit it to customs authorities, to resort to the help of customs brokers and specialists in customs clearance.


Now, every entrepreneur who has an electronic digital signature issued by the State Tax Committee has the right to do it himself. To do this, he enters a single portal of interactive public services or official website of the State Customs Committee ( with the help of electronic signature, and on behalf of the organization, forms a list of persons declaring goods. Then, he fills in cargo customs declaration and submits to customs authorities through created “List of declarants”, using online service in real time.


Nurillo Nasriyev, UzA–21-06-2018