Uzbekistan is going through difficult moments linked to the proliferation of COVID-19.
Decisive measures are taken in our country to stabilize the situation and protect public health. On the 6th of April, 100,000 people are put in quarantine. A hospital to accommodate 10,000 people and 2 virologic hospitals in 10,000 beds under construction.


To date, 245,000 tests and around 700,000 protective devices have been imported and delivered to medical establishments.


Diagnostics and treatment, quarantine measures are performed on the based on World Health Organization recommendations and best international practices. Many foreign partners from Uzbekistan bring their support by providing humanitarian assistance in the form of equipment and protective equipment, as well as sending qualified doctors to participate to the treatment of patients. Our doctors maintain video communication constant with foreign colleagues and share their experiences.

Despite this, in Uzbekistan, there is a serious shortage of protective equipment, masks, gloves, glasses, disinfectants, as well as medical equipment, test systems, ventilation devices, tomographs, x-ray devices, heart monitors, functional beds, and oxygen stations.


In this regard, the Embassy of Uzbekistan would be very grateful for your help possible in the acquisition of this medical equipment, or financial assistance and humanitarian response to the epidemic.


(For more information or donation, you can get in touch with the representation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan in Portugal through Tel: (+351) 252 688 444 or email:
Or the COVID line tel: +33 768 742 102 or +33 153 300 353, e-mail:

Hoping for your understanding and help!


Kindest regards,
Tiago Melo Patrício
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan – representation in Portugal