President of Uzbekistan is bringing together government and businesses to ensure social protection of the people at times of coronavirus outbreak

Uzbekistan, along with a number of other countries in the world, is facing consequences of COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and social area, including on the lives of people in cities and regions.


Amid novel coronavirus, the head of state places a great emphasis on providing support to vulnerable segments of the population and ensuring full operation of industrial enterprises, construction area and country’s infrastructure.


Bearing in mind historic and spiritual values of Uzbek nation, its generosity and care for other people, the President of Uzbekistan suggested establishing “Kindness and Support” nationwide movement.


The initiative aims to further ensure the supply of food and medical facilities to families in need and temporary jobless individuals. Particularly, entrepreneurs are encouraged to take selfless responsibility to support families in their neighborhood. In light of upcoming Ramadan, an act of goodwill is becoming more noble.


For instance, an entrepreneur, based on his capacity, could help 10 households, the other one – 20, or hire some family members. In turn, the government will provide entrepreneurs tax, leasing, credit preferences as well as access to necessary resources.


The initiative expects to be implemented in close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry representative offices, banks and social protection related agencies.


The Head of state expresses confidence that “Kindness and Support” nationwide movement will become a bright example of the country’s and nation’s strength.