Meeting with International Monetary Fund representatives

A meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Minister of Finance J.Kuchkarov with the International Monetary Fund mission led by Mr. Albert Eger was held at the Ministry of Finance.


According to the Ministry, at the meeting, the parties focused on consideration of prospects for further development of Uzbekistan economy.


Mr. Albert Eger noted that as a result of liberalization of the foreign exchange market and trade, as well as opening of Uzbekistan borders, the growth in exports and imports in the first half of 2018 significantly exceeded the forecast figures.


It was emphasized that the tax reform is the most important economic project of the government, which, first of all, is necessary for creating more jobs of higher quality.

The sides noted that a serious task for the future will become development of a new Tax Code. In the next few months it will be necessary to develop a draft Tax Code, which should be understandable to taxpayers and conduct its open discussion in the preparation process.